AATU shortly in English

AATU is a riverside pub crawl event organized yearly in Turku since 1995. Only exception was 2020 due to Covid-19. AATU (officially Akateeminen Aurajokilaivuritutkinto) is all about appreciating the wonderful riverside in Turku and also about celebrating the beginning of the summer holidays. Compared to other student events, AATU has its very own, unique and relaxed atmosphere as the participants meet up with friends to enjoy the springtime with some drinks. Traditionally, the Rector of the University of Turku declares the summer holidays officially started at the beginning of the event. AATU is something every student in Turku should experience. All restaurants that take part in the event are included in a special degree map that is handed out to each participant when you register on the day of the event. The degree map is in effect a map of the Turku riverside with participating restaurants clearly highlighted. Based on the amount of stamps collected from each restaurant you have visited, you earn a degree of either Matruusi (7), I Perämies (9) or Kapteeni (12). For the frequent river farers, there are also special degrees to strive for. AATU is organized by the student organization Akateeminen Aurajokilaivuriyhdistys (shortly AAly) which is an independently registered sub-organization of the Student Union of the University of Turku. The organization was established in the autumn of 1995 and is run by a board of 3-6 members which are elected for a term of two years.

SummerAATU'21, May 6th to July 31st

How does one complete the degree?

The degree period is from May 6th to July 31st.

First you must buy a ticket entitling you to participate. Tickets are sold at Kide.app (5 € per ticket incl. the degree badge and postal fee within Finland). As per tradition, one must enjoy various refreshments to complete the degree. Document (photo/video) each performance to be included in the degree and upload the documentation to social media or a cloud. Submit the evidence according to the instructions in Kide.app. The jury will assess the legitimacy of the performance and provide you with the degree you’ve earned!

P.S. fun documentation style may receive additional rewards 😉

Specifics of the degree

SummerAATU is a remote event and the object is to complete the degree safely in accordance with the recommendations and regulations that are in effect at the time of completion.

Completion of the degree and participation in the remote event requires compliance with the corona virus restrictions. Documentation, that clearly violates the recommendations, will be automatically rejected. A jury will be formed to interpret whether an execution violates recommendations.

You don’t have to complete the degree in a day! It is sufficient that the performance has been documented and documentations delivered in accordance with the instructions on the ticket before the end of the degree period. July 31st is still on time, August 1st is too late.

Max. 2 degrees per participant.

The documentation must be clear and the execution clearly interpretable.

The jury must have access to the documentation until the 31st of August. So if you upload your documentation to a social media account, make sure your images are public!

Every refreshment should be clearly different to prevent cheating. The same type of refreshment is ok, the exact same beverage is not.

THIS IS HOW: Degree drinks are same types of drinks from different manufacturers, different types of drinks from the same manufacturer and / or different cocktails/mocktails.

NOT LIKE THIS: Multiple beverages of same type and manufacturer.

NOR THIS: Multiple similar drinks from different glasses/containers.

It must be possible to verify the difference between the drinks, for example by consuming the drinks from the original packaging (can, bottle etc.).

In case of doubt, contact the event organizer. Contact information can be found below.

Let’s have fun!